Friday, October 9, 2009

No One Cares About Your Art: A Manifesto

Why would I name my blog, “No one cares about your art”? Why would I make posts tarnishing being an artist, when hypocritically, I am an artist my self? Lay back, relax, get a cup of tea, and let me tell you.


Let’s clarify the term artist. When people hear the word art, they think of drawing, painting, or sculpting… but art can be any form of creation, weather it be music, science, dancing, poetry, or even verbal communication. Art is anything that can invoke some sort of emotion in human beings… anything that is beautiful, ugly, or a mix of both. The spectrum of human emotion is endless, and the fact that a sound can summon feelings of nostalgia or nausea, is a beautiful thing.


To be an artist you need to know that the majority of the time, no one will care about it. So many people create for external gratification, that the preponderance of art out there is but a pretentious attempt at seeming “deep”. It usually is a futile effort to get laid or some ulterior motive that is hollow as the personality these so called “artists” carry inside their lackluster gray matter. I’m sure all of you know these kinds of people; I know I do.

jonas broz 1

Sure anyone can create something, but if you have a passion for creation, then maybe you are an artist. If you create with out caring if someone sees your painting or hears your music, than maybe you are an artist. If you create because you know it will last longer than having all the money in the world… then maybe you are an artist. If creating some sort of medium is fun to you and you find that time passes by fast when you’re doing it – then yes, you probably are an artist.


I have used the term artist quite a bit in this entry. If you consider your self one, don’t flaunt it – because again, no one cares about your art. If you truly enjoy creating then you shouldn’t care that no one gives a damn.

In this life your goal should be to make your self happy and if you are unhappy because no one cares about your art, then go do something else. Find something that makes the time pass through you like the laxative properties of coffee.

If creating things gives time haste for you, than continue to read this blog. I will be sharing with you some things I have learned in my life; as someone who genuinely enjoys creating things, i hope i can give some insight on the creative process. Though my main medium is music, a lot of the concepts I will be covering can be applied to any art form.

I hope this clarifies the purpose of this blog for all you human beings out there.



Matthew said...

That picture with The Jonas Brothers and their stupid asshole sunglasses made me rage.

Andrew Mello said...

That's why I put it up there! : D.

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