Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Myspace Music 101: The Five Secrets.

Myspace was one of the first social networking sites. Over the past couple of years, it has turned into millions of musicians all trying to add each other. Because of this rat maze of bands clicking buttons, Rupert Merdoch (the man who is worth 4 billion dollars and is the owner of news corporations such as FOX) makes millions of dollars from the ad revenue.

Rupert Merdoch… Even his name sounds like a villain from the marvel universe…

You can tell that chick is a gold digger, and Mr. Merdoch doesn't care... he's getting laid tonight! Thank you all you Myspacers.

It sucks, I know it, you know it, but unfortunately as a musician, you need a Myspace so people can listen to your music. It is a necessary evil we all have to deal with being musicians in today’s world.

With out further ado, here are five tips on how to get the most out Myspace with out a lot of work!

1) Add the top artists/famous bands.
Go to the music home page on myspace and click on “Top Artists”. Add all these people and leave a comment on their page. Think about it, if these “Artists” get 100,000 or more views a day and people see you commenting on their page, then statistically speaking at least 10 people will click on your profile and listen to your songs or add you! You can go to the next page on the “Top Artists” and do the same thing if you wish. The more you do it, the more hits and friend requests you will get every day. It works, try it out!

2) Comment back every time!
This is another great way to increase your visibility. Every time you get a friend request, comment back saying, “Thanks for being my friend” or whatever you feel appropriate. This way when people see their profile, there is a chance they might click on yours! Remember, try to sound human and not like an advertising robot. The more sincere you are the better results you will have!

Try not to be a robot!

3) Make your profile picture interesting!
Since you want people to click on your profile, you need to have a profile image that draws their attention. Weather it be an animated .gif or a picture of you and a lama… what ever you think is effective enough to set you apart from the massive hoard, do it.


4) Find bands you sound like and add their friends.
This takes more work, but it’s more successful in finding real fans, as opposed to robot bands. If you think your music sounds like “Sunset Rubdown”, go to their page and add some people. Choose five people a day, look at their profile and message them. If you compliment something specific about them, than it is likely they will listen to your music! The more human you seem, the better.

5) Add the friends of Peer bands.
If you play shows with bands from your area, add their friends because chances are they may like your music and come to your shows seeing how you are from the same area!


Keep on doing this and before you know it your profile will get more hits and have more plays than ever before… and if your music is good you might actually get some fans! Also if you do get some real fans, encourage them to spread the word! The best kind of advertising is by word of mouth.

So get to it!

P.S. I may as well plug my own music while I’m getting all Myspacey on all of yall.
Check it out:

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